Scientific Sessions

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Vaccine Regulation, Safety and Efficacy

Vaccines For Vector-Borne Diseases

Veterinary Vaccinology

HIV/AIDS Vaccines

Nano Vaccine Technology

Cancer, Malaria and TB Vaccines

Vaccines for Pregnant Women and Neonates

Animal and Plant Derived Vaccines

Vaccine Storage and Handlings

Next-Generation Vaccine Delivery Technologies

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Childhood Infection Vaccines

Viral Diseases

Vaccines Safety, Efficacy & Clinical Trails

Parasitic Diseases

Human Vaccines

Vaccine Immunology

Vaccines Business Development

Protein Based Vaccines

Covid -19 Vaccine Research and Development

Immunology of Infectious Diseases

Vaccines Against Neurological Infections

New Trends in Vaccines Development

Vaccines Misperception and Side Effects

Geriatric Immunization

Live-Attenuates Vaccines

Hepatitis Vaccines and Liver Diseases

Importance of Vaccination Next Generation Vaccines Delivery Technologies

Vaccines Research and Development

Vaccines Policy and Regulatory Affairs

Medicine and Vaccine for Covid-19

Vaccination Strategies

Bacterial Diseases

Non-infectious Diseases

Therapeutic Vaccines